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Here are the answers , what people frequently ask us

Why do I need SEO for my Website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As websites can no longer be considered as isolated part of marketing, a common practice of SEO brings the traffic and optimize to your website to reach your business goals. It is a technique used to make the visibility of a website in the search engines.

Why do I need Social Media Marketing for Business?

According to the history, marketing is focused on brand building and creating an awareness using Advertisments, Print Media, Trade Shows, etc. Majority of these events wouldn't help you reach your targeted audience and also impacts on ROI. Social Media has now become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and it's a new theory of promoting your business which connects you directly to your targeted audience.

According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Stats -

  1. Around 93% of B2B martketers use Social Media to market their business.
  2. 85% of them report that they had a very good exposure of marketing in Social Media.
  3. 59% of them use Social Media for marketing their business for at least 6hrs a week and
  4. 74% of them increased their site traffic.

With a well-crafted, effective marketing strategy in Social Media, you can be found and be popular.

How does working with make your site appear first page in Search Engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo?

We understand your importance of being ranked among the top in the search engines. We the team of work on the following elements to make your site rank in the first page -

  1. Improve the Website Structure - It's the most important and informative part that makes the user click to your website.
  2. Providing High Quality of Content to your website - Content is the King, it helps search engines find the uniqueness of your website and rank them accordingly.
  3. Making your website Mobile-Friendly - As majority of population now search on smartphones, tablets and ipads, the search engines now rank according to the mobile friendly i.e., being Responsive. And this concludes that being a normal Desktop website isn't enough but should be user friendly and we provide Responsive Web Designing Services.
  4. Deal with Crawlers - The search engines use spiders to list the sites which look genuine and very reasonable to be listed at the top.
  5. Adding Data Structures to the Website - Data Structures are the short description that you can provide to Google which you get while searching in Google before the Search results of websites, it makes your site valuable to the users.
  6. Promote and Analysis - Advertising Campaigns like Google AdWords, Facebook Campaigns and YouTube Campaigns will help you reach most of the audience. At the end of every week a study report of these campaigns will be clear if our approach to the people is correct or not.

At, a thorough study of your company or individual is made for clear - Objectives and Goals.